Monday, November 10, 2008

Up on my soap box...on a more serious note

Those of you who know me know this is rare. But I am so passionately FOR the lives of those who are the most defenseless and for the unique person-forming work of God that I really wanted to pass this on for those who are interested in taking a stand against the senseless taking of precious life.

Other thoughts to ponder:
Are the unborn at the sovreign disposal of their mothers and have no personal standing in their own right?
Almost 99% of all abortions are NOT a medical necessity needed to actually save the life of the mother.
A quote from John Piper- "Contemporary medical technology gives every woman and man who is willing to look a clear picture what happens in abortion at every level. In this case it is the taking of of this little life with arms and legs and fingers and toes and head and eyes and nose and a heart that has been beating since (a month after it implanted) and a body not quite as long as your little finger, and crushes it or poisons it, or starves or in some other way takes away its life."

Being a mother and now a mother of a child who was born at 34 weeks, it greives me in new ways to think that it would be possible for my little one to be killed even when he could have survived based on any reason that could have been given that this child would have been an excessive burden or stress on the mothers well-being. It is almost unfathomable. This can't be happening. Do civilized people do this? There are other ways of dealing with this. I'm aware, though I don't claim to know first hand, that there are real heavy issues with women who have unwanted pregnancies. But this is a little life, people! I have dear friends who have had abortions. I've seen how it affects. I do not mean to judge those who have been in this situation. I just grieve for this issue of life and death and long for justice and healing. Justice for the tiny lives without a voice and healing for those who have been negatively effected by abortion.
Thanks for listening. I welcome any discussion on this point, and I hope I haven't been overly biased. Seeing how I believe abortion is the taking of a human life however, it seems silly to apologize for being passionate against the taking of life.
I digress....that's me, on a soap box.