Monday, July 16, 2012

And we have a job offer!!!

WOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO! What fun to finally feel like we can point our car in an exact location! We just had an interview then job offers this morning. Yes, offers! Plural! Amazing!
We decided to take the one in...drumroll please:
DeLand, FL!

We are so thankful to God for giving us a first assignment that's close enough to be able to live with my parents in Orlando. We are breathing a bit easier today simply knowing anything about where we will be for the next three months and possibly more after that. If you look on the map it's about 48 miles Northeast of Orlando, close to Daytona Beach. We'll stay with my folks in Orlando and Tim will commute each week for his 36 hrs.
Here's a breakdown of what this first job entails (as far as we know):
Tim will most likely be working the same shift as he has now (3pm-3am) which we know we can do and he actually sleeps a lot better doing than the full night shift.
It's a fair sized hospital with 23 beds in the ER which is pretty comparable to PVH.
The job starts August 6th, so we will be leaving Ft.Collins July 28th to start the drive down and to get settled in there before everything starts.

We are beyond thrilled!
Thanks for praying with us and being excited with us. We can't tell you what a support that is! get packed.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Letting go, or as I put it, House Bulimia

This weekend was arguably one of the busiest and most unorganized (don't believe me, look inside my house right now) of my life. We basically sold the "farm"! As a majority of my earthly belongings were being haggled over and passing out of my life, I realized just how little you can actually live with. After Friday's sale, Saturday was like a whole new sale as I realized how many things I had forgotten to pull out and include out in the yard. It looked like my house threw up.
Now, it just looks like my shelves threw up all over my floor because there are no shelves now. I'm not looking forward to pressing on and just going thru all the piles, but I am feeling better and better about how free of stuff we are getting!
My thoughts are scattered as I prepare for these next weeks of tying up loose ends, and I can't quite seem to triage them as well as my McDonald's toys.
Random thoughts on purging your belongings:
1.) Sleeping on a 3 in. memory foam on the floor is actually WAY more comfy than I could have imagined.
2.) TV trays make a lovely family dinner table.
3.) When selling your children's toys, involve them in it and give it a purpose. Our boys have done amazing because they have had a friend to raise money for, instead of just giving up their toys. I'm thankful to God for that strange blessing.
4.)Once again, it's been proved that we have the BEST FRIENDS in the whole wide world. "Having a two day sale and need help so you can still parent your children? I'll come up for two days and basically man the cashier box and organize the crap outta your crap." "Sold your infant carseat? Here's one to use; heck, just have it!" "Don't have a bed for your dad who's coming to visit? Here, use our air mattress!" "Need to get rid of some extra dishes and home goods? Here, we'll pay you more than you're asking, just because we want you to have extra gas money!"

You know who you are...

GEEZE. I'm humbled.
5.)Also, I had such an AMAZING time and was over and abundantly encouraged by some of my best gal pals this weekend. Love you, ladies.
6.) I'm so fried after this weekend that all I want to do is drink a beer and watch The Bachelorette. Is that bad?
7.) I'm sorry I've been such a bad updater. I PROMISE you this; you will know the DAY we know our first assignment! Yup, we're still playing the waiting game...but we're still praying that we'd be able to be in the Orlando, Florida area or New Hampshire area first. Time will tell...
K, I'm gonna go now.