Saturday, September 7, 2013

Big and little

I may or may have not been scolded by a few of you.

First off, may I say that it's always surprising to me when people are riled up because I haven't updated the blog. You have asked to know what's going on in our little traveler world and I am kinda surprised anyone is keeping up on it.
Secondly, I'm sorry that my jacked up belief has kept me from putting time and energy into this blog! We really do love you! I also have realized that because this is a 'personal' blog, I get overwhelmed at the thought of really putting some emotional energy into it. It's easy to post things about my businesses, quick "stati" (plural for status?) and my daily little stuff on social media because it does not require me to sit, ponder, assess, and delve deep.
So, there's the honest truth. I have a hard time sitting still and focusing my brain. (wonder where Wyatt gets it?) That's not an excuse. Just how I currently am. I haven't made the time for it. And I don't like it. And I don't plan on staying there. And really, it's not about me.
Here's what we ALL have been up to here in New Hampshire!
My sweet mother-in-law had shoulder surgery this summer and it has been a pretty big deal in the household. Not just because it's a tough surgery and recover period, but because she's been independent for the past five years, doin' life on her own. We are forever indebted to her kindness in getting to live with her these past five months, and it's been a great opportunity to get to help her out in whatever way we can. We've joked that for those first several weeks that she was my best 'child' :) She's doing well and making progress every week in PT! Pray it continues!
Tim is working it like he do' at the hospital in Concord, NH. We are so thankful he's been able to be on the mid-shift and not have to do full nights! 12 hour shifts can be brutal if they are 7p-7a. He's gotten along well with the staff and it's so funny to have him working in the same ER his own mom used to be charge of! It's circular. We are wrapping up our 2nd contract with them and just signed an extension to stay on until Nov. 2nd. We are so glad to get to be here for more of the fall.
'Dos KIDS-
We JUST started homeschool last week for those not on social are the obligatory first day of school posts complete with my ghetto-fabulous signs. (you're welcome for making you feel better about yourself)

We are all easing into the idea that this is really happening. Yes. As if doing it last year didn't make me realize that before now. Consider it my denial coming to an end that we are really a homeschooling family. By necessity and by choice now. Not that it looks like what you might imagine. Think a pinball machine with children as pinballs and our house as the table. If we get them to stay in the school room for the majority of the time, it's a win!! Let me just say that I am really thankful for Classical Conversations this year too. We didn't participate in this once-a-week program last year and I am really grateful to connect our everyday learning with something more than my fly-by-the-seat of my pants style teaching :)
In other news the kids are adjusting and proving more resilient than we ever imagined. Not that there aren't the tough days, but we are proving God's faithfulness to provide every place we go. The boys miss Colorado and mention it often. They miss their Marmie and Papa in Florida and some dear friends we made there too.
Just the other day, Tim asked the boys where they missed most. They both answered both Colorado and Florida. Tim told them that we'd probably be missing NH as well when we leave here, and Vrai piped up excitedly, "Yeah, we'll miss it. But we're TRAVELERS!" That boy. He's such a tender heart and an encourager. We don't know where God will have us plant our roots eventually but we are confident that it will be good. :)
So, the latest is that we will be in NH for the next two months, ending Nov. 2nd. After that we hope to find a placement in CO for about three months. We have some things on our to-do list, among which is just get to BE with some of our dear friends. We'll keep ya posted on how things shape up but we may need help celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas if we're there! :) After January, we hope to get out to CA for a bit! That's as far as we know now, but anything is possible!

I was just pondering here (ha-progress!) and realizing that it's not that we have things easier or harder really...we all take ourselves with us, WHEREVER we go. We all have to confront the same ole' struggles, baggage and history that we have had for ages. I have found that this traveling experience has caused me to be able to see those things more clearly and I'm less afraid to confront them now because there's a major hurdle you cross when you make a big, brave decision. The littler issues seem more conquerable. :) Little by little, state by state, we are learning big things and seeing God come through. Thanks for caring about the journey. Stay tuned and we will do our best to update more frequently!
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