Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The surprise of my life!

Some of you may have caught my social media posts when Tim completely surprised me last Monday with a 4 day/night cruise to the Bahamas.

To understate, I was completely FLOORED.

The big reveal...he straight up handed me the receipt to the cruise! AHHH!
I have never been on a cruise, or to the Bahamas or had four whole days and nights just with my husband (since we became parents)! I can say that living with your parents/in-laws totally paid off in this one week! A HUGE thank you to my mom for not just keeping my kids alive, but very well and to all the family that contributed to this extravagant gift!
Some of my favorite highlights were finding a giant sting ray while wading out in the ocean; snorkeling with tropical fish and sharks (they were at least 6-8 ft!) and dancing the night away with my personal Dance instructor hubby on the ship! Here's a few photos for those who aren't on facebook, etc. A picture's worth a thousand words so, Enjoy!

Are you ready for this!? Best President's Day, EVER!
So stately in our state room :)
Excited much?

We've got a ticket to RIIIII-HIDE!

Waiting to set sail!

Second day, taking the boat out to our own private island-Coco Cay!

Found this sponge on the shore.

This sting ray was at least 6 ft. across, and two yards from my feet!
Chariots of Fire anyone?
Soaking it up at Coco Cay!

Our table mates all the way from China!

I love it when they do this. So easily amused, am I :)
Formal night!

Our cruise liner! Apparently, she was small for her kind...go figure!

A little scooter ride to start the day in's actually quite terrifying to drive here. Kudos to Tim.

We swam with reef sharks!
Snorkeling adventure in Nassau!

Tim won the rockwall climbing contest-Big surprise!

Last night on the Monarch of the Seas. It is simply breathtaking.
Ha! Tim sneaks a peek away from our romantic sunset kiss :)