Friday, September 14, 2012


The launch of my very own new image consulting business!

Yup, you heard right...a new adventure to be sure! Check out more of the details at It's a "style blog" I've had for a couple years but it has lacked focus and purpose, so now, I have a vision and I'm really, really excited about it!
My goal? To work with you to unveil your own authentic beauty and style. Let's make the most of what we have!

I am thrilled to be starting something I absolutely love and can't wait to work with you!
Offically introducing-
Amber Constant, Personal Image Consultant :)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Sea World and priorites.

Well, it's been a full last week to say the least.
Dear friends from home (I say that, because Colorado is just home in my heart) came to have a family vacation and do the Disney experience. Lucky for us, they got to stay at the Thompson Bed & Breakfast for the first few days. Wyatt and Vrai had a sweet reunion with their buddies Sydney and A.J. Needless to say, it's been a full and busy house with lots of happy squeals and wild running :)
Today we had the pleasure of going to Sea World with the Steins, my mom and all the kiddos.
Looking at the Dolphin Nursery!
What a wonder and glory! Seriously guys, I teared up the moment that Shamu jumped out of the water. I'm either a really big softy or there's just something glorious that is reflected about the Creator in such an amazing underwater giant! Could be both. Anyway, I really loved it. That and I loved that my sweet mama took Hazel home halfway thru the day since she has an annual pass. Best Marmie ever! The boys had a blast freaking out over the sharks, feeling the rays, riding the kiddie roller coaster and climbing on the world's best play place (crazy high and a dream for Wyatt), and watching the new 360 3D Turtle Trek.

Sweaty and soaked from the Shamu show
This cracks me up...I told them to act scared.  
Going anywhere public with kids is always a challenge, much less trying to stay with another family. But it became so clear as we spent the morning trying to decide when and where to meet up and what to do with the limited time we had with our sweet friends. The choice is always to put people first. Dropping our own agenda so that we could make the most of time with people we love made the world of difference. We have been learning how to (try) do this with our kids in this new place. It's easy to try to jump into life head first when you know you have very limited time. You won't get anywhere socially or emotionally healthy if you don't just get out there and try to meet people, try to make connections and find community. But trying to balance that with making sure our kids know they have a safe haven with us is the real challenge. You can pray for us in that :)

Now, off to bed, off to bed...

Tomorrow, I call about a Classical Conversations group in our neighborhood, try to get together with a new friend here and finish some more research on my up and coming NEW be revealed soon! Keep posted, my friends. I can't wait to share it with you!
P.S. We love you, Steins! Miss you already!