Monday, June 25, 2012

Huggin' my kids just a little tighter...

     Despite the blood boiling disobedience that can normally happen with 3 kids ages 5 and under on an evening when my husband is at work in the ER, I feel the need to appreciate those crazy little buggers tonight more than ever.
     Two families that we have the privilege of rubbing shoulders with at our church are both going thru tremendous faith testing trials. Both families have little girls with cancer. One baby girl is just a few months younger than Hazel and is struggling with brain cancer. The other family has a 3.5 year old daughter who is in the same class as Vrai. She was just diagnosed with a cancerous tumor growing on her skull. Both stories just bring me to tears.
    There are times in life when the phrase and doctrine of "God is good." get put to the test. When all the props get pulled out from under you and you can't tell which way is up, God is still good. Our extremely limited human understanding can hardly fathom it, but God doesn't waste anything and is sovereign in all He does and allows. We've experienced the rubber hitting the road in this area and it is NOT easy. I am amazed and encouraged by these families and these mom's especially as they walk through this bitter time with amazing faith and thankfulness to God.
You can follow these families' journeys at:
The Conleys
The Alvarados
Please lift them up in prayer and be encouraged by their faith!
Savoring the sweet moments....

Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's the Gypsy in me...

Let's just start fresh, shall we? Now is as good a time as any to start blogging again!

We are weeks away from a rather wild adventure. Yes, we, a family of five, are going on a two year Gypsy run :) Well, rather, Tim is taking the job of a Travel Nurse which is unfamiliar to many.
 People understand when you say, "My husband is a nurse in the ER." Yes, they might initially give you the "he's a male nurse?" look, then move on, but overall, it's a normal and very respectable job. Add the word 'travel' to the front of it and you really get some fun faces.  :)

Well, to be really obvious it is simply, a nurse who travels to work. But here's how it basically works:

1.) You sign on with any number of Travel Nursing Agencies (of which there are a great many)
2.) They have liasons and a systems set in place that allows you as a nurse to take an assignment at any number of locations (in the U.S. for us) that have a need for a nurse ASAP. The average assignment is 13 weeks, with a possible option to extend the stay for up to a year.
3.) You negotiate a contract based on what they are able to compensate you with, what you need and you got yourself a job! The pay is usually great and they pay for your living costs (rent/mortage). $$$$! Let's kiss those students loans GOODBYE!!!
Here's where it gets really exciting...
4.)You move your family to wherever it is and set up shop!

 Needless to say there are countless things that go into making a decision to do this and let's clear the air to say they weren't flippant and spontaneous choices. We've thought about doing this for a loooooooong time, but weren't actually free to do it until this Spring. We have wanted a way to pay off debt and save a chunk of change in the hopes of being able to really make a difference with our resources. Yeah, yeah, I know it's brash and rude to talk about money, but deal with it. We hate being a slave to debt and we can think of almost a million other awesome, encouraging, generous Kingdom-building things to do with money other than throw it down the deep pit of student loan despair. In the long run (mind you, this is only two years we're talking) it will hopefully be a benefit to all who know us and make up the family and friends that enrich our lives.

 Are we excited? YES! Are we sad? YES! Do we have a lot of feelings regarding this whole thing? YES! But are we convinced it's where God is leading us and giving us the go ahead to do? YES!!! In all honesty, I have no idea if travelling this much with all of us will work well, but I'm willing to give it the ole' college try and see:)

 We have a mess of amazing family and friends who have already volunteered housing in possible locales(so we don't have to look for something big enough for a family of five on our own) and have volunteered help with moving, packing, selling, storing and the like. We are blessed to have such support. We seriously couldn't embark on such a journey without you. We SERIOUSLY covet your prayers as we venture out.

 A few things to keep in mind...
-Tim IS going to be staying on at PVH as relief; a position that we weren't even entertaining he'd be able to do! This is an amazing "foot in the door" that they are letting him keep. We are so encouraged by this tie that connects us to our fair Ft.Collins.
 -When he comes to town for his 72 hrs. a quarter he might need a place to stay...just keep that in mind:)
-We will be having a moving sale to end all of our other yard if there is something you are looking for contact me! We are selling nearly EVERYTHING. I'm kinda giddy about starting fresh in that department! We got beds, couches, tables...please, come buy my stuff. Some time in July. I'll keep ya posted.
-Pray for me and our kids as I begin my job as a homeschooling Gypsy mom. I'm excited but kinda nervous.
-WE LOVE YOU!!! Believe us when we say this transition is probably just as hard for US as it is for you, just in a different way. We don't take your friendship lightly. You are like stars to us...even when we don't see you, we know you are always there.
 Welp...thanks for hanging in there through that long post! If you made it this far, you really DO love us! We are in for one wild ride, my dear ones.
Talk soon!