Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Joe vs. the Volcano

Just a quick note today. We just got renters insurance because lately there have been a few too many "incidents" that make me think that one day we'll be really glad for it.
I just wanted to share one of the many important things that Renters Insurance covers. Volcanic Erruption.
HA! I know, I know. Since when have we Coloradoans recently been in Vesuvius-like peril? Beats me, but wow, I guess we're covered.
Just in case.

Friday, December 26, 2008

We happy few- Christmas 2008

The family Christmas tree this year...note the burp cloth in view on the chair. Yup, this is also baby Spit-ups first Christmas!
A picture's worth a thousands words...and easier to post than a thousand words.

Vrai does not enjoy playing Santa, especially now that he realizes he's not even real.

Quite possibly the happiest baby on the block! (and the cutest)

Daddy trims the tree with boys in tow! Precious! Wyatt loved the pickle ornament and the gold balls. Try telling a two year old not to play with that...yeah right!

please do not take my picture first thing Christmas morning...

Vrai's first taste of rice cereal on Christmas Eve!
These are a few of Wyatt's favorite things! His favorite number is eight because it looks like the winder-upper for the Toy Prince from the Nutcracker...a recent favorite as well :)

Happy Birthday Jesus! May we be struck by the awesome reality of Emmanuel- God WITH us. We sure missed our families, but we had a fun little Christmas with just us four and can't wait to see what 2009 brings!

Foxhole Norman and his snowboat

This December we were blessed to get to spend an entire week away from the craziness of life and go hide up in the mountains by Winter Park! We enjoyed sitting by the fire, watching movies, drinking hot chocolate, laughing at the boys, sleeping, sledding, and going on a sleigh ride and walking in the snow. It was a great week of not working or school for Tim, and I LOVED having Tim around 24/7. And wouldn't you know it, we also forgot our camera!

We stayed in a two-bedroom condo for the week and were fortunate to get away with only a cracked lamp shade and a few puke stains (which we really tried to get out) but more notable was some of Wyatt's classic antics.
He did a great job overall sleeping in his own room with two twin beds most of the week. One nap, he was pulling the usual pranks of trying to jump in bed and then jump to either me or Tim, and was finally getting settled so we left in usual fashion of jamming a cloth into the door in order to keep him from "breaking out", and Tim and I went about settling in by the fire to hang out. Now, mind you, we are used to several minutes of the "ambient" sounds of Wyatt but we started to hear a little more rucus than usual. Then a loud CRASH! As Tim and I bolted thru the door we were stopped by the sight of little Wyatt tucked safely in the second drawer of the little dresser across from his bed with head down, and hands over his ears as if someone just screamed "fire in the hole!" The "fire" in the hole was the enormous hotel-esque lamp he had just pulled from it's lofty perch only to crash onto the floor tearing the CFL bulb out and apart and cracking the lamp shade's plastic shell lining. No one was hurt, but thankfully he sufficiently scared himself away from lamps the whole rest of our stay and the lamp went back together like Legos, save a few shardes of hard plastic shade lining.

The thing that gets me is how did he get into the dresser drawer and know to take cover like that?! I wish you all could've seen it for yourselves because Tim and i had a really good laugh about our little "Foxhole Norman".
Other notables from the week:
-Wyatt's first time playing in REAL snow! He got an early Christmas present from Marmie and Papa (Thompson's) which he's been calling his "snow boat" since riding in it while Daddy pulls him.
-Vrai's first vacation! He did great and relaxed with the best of us!
-It was my first time sleeping in a Sleep Number bed...I still don't get what all the fuss is about :)
-We went on an awesome Sleigh ride and drank hot chocolate and sat by a fire with a two horse open sleigh- Hay!

We had a great time, THANKS to Tim's mom for the generosity in sharing the time-share!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Boys

So, Vrai is 5 months old this month on the 12th! What happened?! He's made amazing leaps and bounds since his eventful arrival in July and we just can't get enough of his sweet smile and happy temperment! He's fully breastfed trained and is starting to sleep 8 hours at night (finally) and is rolling over! The physical therapist has said that he's practically right on cue for his actual age and there are only a few tiny things that he might be lagging in. We are so grateful and love watching him grow into a little person!
Wyatt is the big man at the house most days as Tim is either at school, studying, or sleeping from working the night before at the hospital. He is 2 and wants to do everything! He's starting to like being a big brother lately as he promptly tells me EVERYTIME the baby makes a noise that the "baby's cry-it; awww". He still hasn't got the hang of treating the baby like a baby. I think he wants a wrestling buddy now, because whenever I leave him alone in a room with the baby (even for 5 seconds) he's all over Vrai and starts to a.) pick him up b.) lay on top of him and do the death roll or c.)"crush" him with his hands like he's tickling him (see refernce post below "CRUSH IT!") Everyday is a new adventure/challenge with this guy as he says new sentences and puts together the most hilarious combos of words!

Here's your visual aids:)

Boys in a Bucket! Here they are in their matching pj's from Marmie:)

Wyatt tries to "love" on Vrai all while crushing him (look at Vrai's face)

Cutest preemie ever!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bunch of Turkeys

Thanksgiving this year was held largely at the Constant B&B, i.e. my house:) These bunch of turkeys descended upon us for most of the week and we had a blast! It was so fun seeing Wyatt finally get to know his sweet cousin Makena! She is an amazing little girl! we enjoyed her renditions of the Hula dance and on stage singing performance of her greatest hits. We also celebrated my mom's birthday which was a treat!

Thanks to all my dear family for coming all that way and making it unforgettable! And thanks to our dear friends, the Steins, without whom, we wouldn't have all fit:) It was a Thanksgiving Miracle!
Here's a few random pictures!

You dare say...

From my brief experience in the technological world of the 21st century, a lack of comments on a blog means
a.) no one read it
b.) it was offensive and no one knew what to say without seeming offensive themselves
c.) pure shock was induced at the reading of it as to leave the reader paralyzed
d.) total disinterest, which is almost the same as choice a.)

At this point, I'm completely UN-offended by the lack of feedback on the post just prior to this. After reading it through once again, I am more aware of the emotional charge of the piece, but am still quite adamant on the topic. Also, I truly welcome any discussion on the matter, and realize I am not completely without fault in my jugdement in this case. I've been hoping I hadn't alienated anyone and if so, my deepest apologies.
So I guess that sort of wraps up my thoughts on this part of the show:)
I'll be moving on now....