Friday, October 24, 2008

Fun Fall Family Fotos

So here is a barrage of family pics as requested...


Ahh, life in a house with boys!
So, Wyatt is going thru a new phase these days. He refuses to go to sleep, be it a nap or even at night. He's a great sleeper when he actually finally falls asleep, but man, does he put up a fight. I'd say he averages about an hour each nap to actually fall asleep! Ugh!
But, tonight he did the funniest thing. He was jabbering away for almost TWO hours tonight between bouts of falling out of bed (on purpose:) and faking crying to get my attention...but when I finally went up to see what he was still doing up, I walked in and asked him, "Buddy, what are you still doing awake?" and his answer...
"I crush bed!"
I picked him up to changed his diaper and he said with more enthusiasm,
"I CRUSH wall!"
and the conversation that follows is verbatim...
I was so tickled I could hardly bear to put him back in bed, because he is just so amusing. I was getting a major kick out of this. So, i told him between garbled sentences of destruction to CRUSH his little eyes closed and go to sleep. He obeyed and squished his eyes shut:) What a goober! He grabbed a handfull of blanket and once more proved the fundamental difference between our sexes and growled with an impish grin,

Wyatt CRUSHING baby brother Vrai with his love:)

all photo credit goes to our dear friend Hannah Knecht! Awesome photos! More to post...later!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Some things that are really funny to me.

This is a list I'd like to start that will be added to periodically that I get a huge kick out of:
-Flight of the Conchords-parody band from New Zealand, hilarious
-Something I just discovered-Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog featuring Neal Patrick Harris (yes, Doogie, himself) singing about becoming a new super villian, also, HILARIOUS.
-People when they are just fallen asleep who do that awesome mega-twitch like their falling from a great height-HA!
-Wyatt trying to say "tacos", it sounds like "quwackos"
-Tim's impromptu Broadway Musical numbers
-Anyone in my family

There is plenty more, I'm sure. I'm just not sure I can think of them all tonight...we will revisit this for sure. It's refreshing to think of things that make me laugh so hard I cry.

Friday, October 10, 2008

The reality of it all...

Here's us, trying to take a family photo. I'm beginning to notice a trend here. Wyatt made sure to take his "Never-sit-still-no-not-ever" pill and this is clearly the result. We look alike don't you think?:)

Hey at least the baby is actually looking at the camera...who would've guessed that!

Wyatt is now two-which I can hardly believe! I am now two years old as well, at least as far as mommy-hood goes. I am a two year old mommy. Lately, I have been feeling like I'm going insane. And I don't actually think it's the toddlers fault:) I have just been having a hard time rebooting my own heart, mind and soul. It's like I've been offline for a while now and it's just starting to spark again. I'm glad for it, but it's also one of those personal growth times that hurts like the dickens. And by the dickens, I mean hell. I think it's ok to describe something like hell especially if it's your own selfpity or selfishness. I'd say that's a pretty good starting point for hell.
Anyway, the reality is that i need to get back to it. Reality that is. And that includes one atomic energy level toddler and one precious preemie newborn son, and one super-dad husband who does it all as well...more later.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hurry, Bees!!!

Wyatt is seriously one of the funniest people I know. He's unmitigatingly stubborn, whether it's his age or his personality, it has made parenting really interesting. One time we were playing outside our front door where there isn't much keeping him from just running off. We just moved to this new place and on one side is a parking lot/out to the road and on the other is this dirt bike track, which is awesome, but not awesome when a two year old thinks it would be a good idea to run onto it while twenty plus preteens kareen viciously toward him...i digress.
Anyway, earlier, i.e. the end of this summer, we have had loads of these awful, huge and scary bees (or maybe they're hornets) making their dwelling in the siding just above the overhang of the front door. Once, to get Wyatt to come inside quicker than he normally does, I said, "Wyatt! Hurry inside! Bees! Hurry, bees are coming!" Truthfully, I WAS scared of the bees and for his sake, but I also saw that he might take me more seriously. He did. And now, whenever he sees that I might like him to come quickly, he starts running and says at the top of his lungs, "HURRY, BEES!!!"
He was playing with Tim upstairs this afternoon and was running from one bedroom to the next, and I heard it again, "Hurry, bees!"
I guess the moral of the story is, watch what you say, it has a great impact on kids, and also, Wyatt is hilarious.