Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Chocolate chips for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Wyatt is wiley.
 He is beyond capable and smart as a whip. Now that he's learning to read, he's also figuring out how to use all the electronics, and get whatever food he wants out of any storage spot. And so his latest has been sneaking food in the wee early morn and hiding it under his bed.
Needless to say, his room gets a prison style shake-down every day.

So, this morning, like any other, we get up, and shuffle down the hall to the boys' room. The boys have chocolate on their mouths. It's 7 freakin' AM, guys. What the what.

My precious husband and I have been trying to figure out a consequence that fits the crime. We've tried talking about stealing, making good choices (ha, ha. Reasoning with children=funny); we've tried getting up before them so they don't have a chance to do it (but they still find a way to sneak it earlier or other times in the day!); we've tried setting a good choice out on the counter for them; we've tried setting an alarm for when they are allowed to get out of their room and we've tried more traditional methods of discipline. Believe me, we have tried. And we are not seeing a change.

So, this morning, at our wits end, God gave us a gift. A consequence that is a natural one. If he wanted chocolate chips for breakfast, then chocolate chips it is! And for lunch! And for dinner!
If any of you know the Wy-guy, he has an appetite the size of a grown man. And he burns energy like nobody else. It's only for one day, but man is he madder than a wet hen! I'm praying that WE make it through today without our heads exploding.

Chocolate in the mornin', chocolate in the evenin', chocolate at supper time....