Monday, November 29, 2010

A most unjust update

Soooo, in the last 8 months A LOT has transpired so as to make me update the blog, somewhat. Of course, I'm not going to spend very long doing it, because, let's face it, I got better things to do:)
So, first:
I'm baking a pumpkin pie right now so I can eat it for breakfast tomorrow.
I'm pregnant with our third child, whom we have recently discovered is a GIRL!!!
I'm really bad a keeping a disciplined schedule. I'm taking advice/tips/pointers from those of you who seem to be fabulous at it. Let the ideas flow!

Lastly, Happy Thanksgiving last week and happy shopping and trimming the tree as we prepare for CHRISTMAS! Ah, Christmas, I've missed you. Welcome back.
Welp, see you next time!

Monday, February 22, 2010

I write my blog in my head.

So, I've heard people talk about how sometime in the future they think that the internet will be implanted into our heads and we'd be able to connect anytime by just thinking about it. FAH-reaky. The only good I could see coming of this is that then I wouldn't be so bad at blogging. I definetly write my best material late at night, while lying in my bed, not sleeping. What to do!? I can't just bolt upright, and turn on the light whilst my sleepy husband tries to snooze thru my creative mind, in this case, having the internet in my brain would actually be of service.
We shall see.
Also, I'm trying to pull together my creative boot straps to start a new blog. The point of which would be to each week encourage women (and men, I suppose) to breathe new life into their "thought closets" as well as their "literal" closets. It would be a sort of combo of image/internal image consulting, if you will.
When it comes to fruition, you all shall be the first to know.
Until then...look out for anyone who offers to put fiber optics into your skull.