Thursday, October 17, 2013

This is what God's faithfulness looks like

And this is what I mean.

We have been looking for an ER travel nursing position in Colorado for about a month now. Tim and I have frequently prayed for something, ANYthing, in the state that might have a contract for Tim to work sometime after this current contract runs it's course on Nov.2nd.


For a month.

There was one in Boulder that opened then closed like a flash pan. It was so popular that Tim's submission was cancelled because there were too many submissions. He called. He left a message in hopes of reconsideration. No news.

You know, God can do whatever He pleases. That could be scary save that He IS love to go with that omnipotence. And He doesn't waste anything. And so we took Him up on His offer to ask Him anything. I prayed for an ER position at PVH, in Fort Collins. Mind you, this being a hospital that doesn't take Travel Nurses. Why not go crazy and see what He can do?

Then this week we got the call saying that our contract here could be extended 4 weeks. We hemmed. We hawed. This wasn't what we'd prayed for but it seemed to make the most sense while we trusted that God had a plan.
We said, "Ok." on Tuesday.

Yesterday we woke up thinking, "We'll be in New Hampshire four more weeks, then we'll just have to drive thru Colorado for a visit."
Cut a few hours later when this email shows up in Tim's inbox.

"Hi Tim! Happy Accident!... PVHS, COLORADO wants you back as a traveler!!!!!"


I have a feeling God is creating a pile of impossible situations just so He can show Himself able. There is no reason why the hospital should open up a Travel Nurse position in the ER when it has never done so, and when they didn't advertise. This is what God's faithfulness looks like to us.

And so, Ft.Collins. We shall meet again. Nov. 11th.

We're coming for ya!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Quotable quotes-school edition

I thought I'd share some of our more hilarious or quotable moments in this adventure of homeschooling!

Last week at Classical Conversations I had (finally) prepped the boys for their "presentation" for the morning (much like Show-n-Tell but with a bit more teaching). The boys had chosen some favorite toys of theirs to share about. We had been absent the week before and hadn't gotten the memo that the theme for the day was to share your favorite Bible verse or story. Woooops.
Disappointed and confused, we tried to quickly re-prep both the boys for what they might like to share. Tim talked to Vrai, asking,
"Hey buddy, what do you think you'd like to talk about? Do you have a favorite Bible story or verse?"
Vrai cooly answered,
"I'm just gonna make something up."
Trying desperately to stifle his laughter, Tim recouped and asked again,
"Well, what are you going to say?"
"You'll see."
GAH! We DIED. Thankfully Vrai didn't say anything heretical and made it short and sweet. We were covering our faces to try to hide the fact that we wanted to fall down in tears of laughter. (whew! I'm cracking up just thinking about it!)

Here's another gem for those of you not on social media. Wyatt has started some really interesting and awesome historical revisions in his cursive book. He's got an historical image to color after each practice letter. Well, being Wyatt, simply coloring will just not do. Here you can see his mind at work.
Joan of Arc becomes Joan of Shark with a light saber

King John signs the Magna Carta while a knight casts a spell ala Harry Potter style on the Monk. 

In other news, I currently know all my 1st person Latin endings for present and imperfect tenses. Look at me, so special, woo hoo hooooo! :) Actually, I can't get the songs out of my head. They're super catchy almost to the point of annoying, which I think is a good thing.

It's never a dull moment at our little Travelers Homeschool. Pray for me.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

30 days

Posted by Tim-

I was listening to the traffic report the other morning and the lady with the view from heaven said there was an accident on 1
-93 heading North just past exit 18 and that if I wanted to avoid timely delays then I should take route 132 or route 3.

Then I thought of the panicking shaky phone call someones mother received or the grave voice of the ER doctor's apology of his best efforts as he divided the timeline of a spouse between wife and widow.

Someone's tragedy is anothers timely delay on a morning commute.  Southbound traffic is moving right along.

Amber said it was strange how we scroll through blogposts so quickly.  Titles like "Starting third round of chemo".  Some we read.  Others we scroll past.  Somehow it seemed the same as the lady with the view..  Not that other's tragedy is an inconvenience to us, or that we don't care, but just the point that scrolling is so easy to do.  Many have scrolled past this.

Thomas Jefferson was a deist. God got the ball rolling, as it were, then he's pretty much hands off.  Please move your accidents from traffic so others may scroll by.

My point is this: who cares about this blogpost?  Then my point is this: God. 

God is.  He is working.  Jefferson's dumb.  Whatever fresh dystopian hellscape  has opened in a humans life which has prompted a blogpost, God has not scrolled by nor does he reroute his GPS to avoid a timely delay.

He is at work to reveal His Son inside of me.  Working, not like a manager, not like an engineer, but on a cellular level.  The work of making Life. 

The revealing of the Son is the purpose behind the blog posts.  The hidden purpose, God's purpose. 

We have 30 days before our contract ends, which is cutting it close, even for us.   We don't know where we are going yet.  But God is working to reveal Jesus in and to us through our waiting. Our circumstances are apple-red happiness compared to the other blog posts, and I know that.  But time and opportunity happens to all and this working is at the back of this blog and what is happening in the life of our family.  And in yours, whoever you are that has taken the timely delay to read the accident that is this blogpost.