Friday, February 21, 2014

Wait, wait, don't tell me.....

 Now for a brief update about our lives for our loyal fan base (thanks again for reading so faithfully, mom.) I used to play oregon trail when I was a kid.  I don't know if any of you remember that game.  Even though on that old school computer that measured its memory in tiny prefixes , with its blocky- pixilated figures, there was some tension and excitement.  Will I have the ammo I need to kill a deer?  How do I fix this broken axel?  Will my wife get dysentery? What is dysentery?  Life feels a bit like that.  Like the game, not dysentery, though Im sure I could draw a few similarities.  
  We were originally just planning on being in town til the start of the new year. But as obtaining my CA license became more of an uncertainty, we decided to accept the offer to extend here at Poudre Valley.  We have extended now 4 times, I think.  It's kind of like the fiscal cliff thing, where we extend the deadline at the last second only to face the same situation in a few weeks. 

I swear I'm getting stupider.  Measurably stupider. I will have flashes of great ideas, thoughts to write down or clever ways to teach the boys, then they just vanish from my mind like .  Chances are I have had several ingenious witticisms since I started writing this, but damned if I remember them.  I chalk my widening stupidity to the fact that not many things in our lives are stable.  Thinking is for agrarian societies.  We have digressed to hunting and gathering.  Mostly thinking of where the buffalo will be next.

  If I were wanting to sound platitudinous,  I would insert a big BUT here and say how we are "learning so much" and use lots of cloying Christian vocabulary; paint a word picture in Thomas Kinkade pastels about how everything is really apple red happiness even though I just took such a long time explaining how frustrating a situation we are in.  But the gospel has death in it. I don't want to skip to the resurrection part and how life is all fine. Winter always precedes Spring.  Death before resurrection.  Amber and I are frustrated, in some ways.  Its hard to be in between.  I don't think we are handling it with all-star Christian attitudes all of the time.  There's some death that needs dying to. 
  So I say this with death in one hand: God has been good.  He has bound Himself to us to always do us good.  We have a job, we have a great living situation thanks to the kindness and indefatigable grace of our friends the Jacobsons.  
  So the plan as of today is to see if my license comes from the California Board of Nursing by tonight, which has roughly the same odds as me not wanting to punch them in the face. Like one in a million. The same as me not wanting to punch them. Meaning I do. Want to punch them.  If it does not come, then we will extend through mid April, where we are praying the board of nursing will grant me a license for my birthday. 
  Anyway, I digress.
love, tim

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doophie brudda said...

Your rambling of words I find delightful and rimpontononous. You truly do captivate my attention when you write. That is a gift I think you need to hone in on in the latter parts of your life. I pray you will get what you want because if you truly try, sometimes you will get what you need. At the very least
We love you guys and hope you are happy in whatever you do